RebelLabs' Java Tools & Technologies Survey 2014

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We're happy you can spend ~3 minutes (verified by devs) to tell us about the tools and technologies you use and enjoy. For each completed survey, we're donating 50 cents to a charity that provides entertainment/games to children in hospitals! See? Now you HAVE TO complete it and share with friends! ;-)
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What style of Java/JVM based app do you spend most of your time building? *

Just whatever first comes to mind. Nothing weird intended.

What is your job title/role/style/category? *

What would you call yourself to a recruiter?

Do you regularly contribute to OSS projects?

What operating system do you use on your primary development workstation/computer? *

What operating system do you use on your primary mobile device? *

Whatever device you use most--probably a smart phone, phablet, tablet, tooblet, tawblet or others.

If you use Java EE, which version do you most often use? *


If you use Java SE, which version do you most often use? *


Which IDE do you use most often? *

No fancy talk here--what IDE do you spend most of your time using? IntelliJ IDEA users, please select your edition.

Which IDE would you rather use or test for development? *

Hahaha, what a loaded question! But we're interested to know! :-)

If you had to choose just one additional JVM language to learn about, it would probably be... *

Which build tool do you use for your most important projects? *

Which build tool would you like to learn more about? *

Another loaded question that we can't wait to hear about!

Which Application Server (or servlet container) do you use for development in your most important project? *

Do you use the same Application Server for production? *

Which web framework(s) do you use on your most important project? *

If you use multiple frameworks, please select more than one. If not sure, just pick the one that rings a bell.

Which object-relational mapping (ORM) framework do you use on your largest project? *

Which Code Quality Tool(s) do you use for your projects? *

i.e. Static Code Analysis tools, etc.

Which CI server do you use for your most important projects? *

If you use SQL, which tool is your primary technology? *

If you use NoSQL, which option below is your primary technology? *

Which VCS technologies do you use? *

Which binary/artifact repository do you use in your most important project? *

Which testing frameworks do you use? *

Here we are combining tools for unit tests, integration tests, acceptance tests and mocking all in one sweet mix. Sweet.

Looking forward to 2014-15, what stuff do you expect you or your company to spend more time learning about in the future? *

Want to get sent the results? Please leave your name and email and we'll send you the final product.

What is your first name?

What is your last name?

You rock, thanks for your time!

Every completed survey gives cash to good causes in the software/technology world. Please spread the word and share below:
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