RebelLabs Java Tools and Technologies Survey 2017

Welcome to the annual RebelLabs survey about the Java community and ecosystem. This year we want to understand what influences your choice of tools and technologies for various projects. 

It will only take a couple of minutes to respond, so get going now and you'll be done before you can say "Wow, this survey is super long!".
Let me at that Survey!
Let's talk about the tools you and your team use, why did you pick them.

If you work on many projects at the same time, please consider your main project while answering these questions.
What IDE do you use? *

What is the main reason you use {{answer_48158595}}? *

How satisfied are you with {{answer_48158595}}? *

1 = Not Satisfied, 10 = Very Satisfied

What prevents you from moving away from  {{answer_48158595}}? *

What is the main programming language used on your project? *

What was the main reason for choosing {{answer_48159239}}? *

How satisfied are you with {{answer_48159239}}? *

1 = Not Satisfied, 10 = Very Satisfied

What prevents you from moving away from  {{answer_48159239}}? *

What application stack do you use? *

When your project decided to use {{answer_48159582}}, what was your main reason? *

How satisfied are you with {{answer_48159582}}? *

1 = Not Satisfied, 10 = Very Satisfied

What prevents you from moving away from  {{answer_48159582}}? *

Which of the following terms best describe the overall architecture of your project? *

What were the main reasons your team picked this architecture? *

How satisfied are you with {{answer_48159950}}? *

1 = Not Satisfied, 10 = Very Satisfied

What prevents you from moving away from  {{answer_48159950}}? *

What is the main database your project uses? *

What are the main reasons to use {{answer_48160489}}? *

How satisfied are you with {{answer_48160489}}? *

1 = Not Satisfied, 10 = Very Satisfied

What prevents you from moving away from  {{answer_48160489}}? *

How willing is your project team to embrace DevOps? *

What is the driving force behind your adoption of DevOps? *

What is your approach to application performance? *

Choose the most proactive approach. If you have an APM, but also have performance tests, please select the latter.

What is your rationale for your attitude towards performance? *

What tool, technology or library are you super excited or proud about having used or planning to use in 2017? *

It can be anything you feel excited about, so please enlighten us, and keep your answers short!
Please list the names of the tools using ";" as a separator to simplify the analysis.
It's time to reflect on the choices your team or project has made and think if those seem as good now as they hopefully were then.

Are you happy with your current tools and technological choices you've made? *

If you could change just one thing to boost your productivity, what would it be? *

About you

At last, we want to understand who you are before we ask about your tools and tech!
What is your job description? *

Which description best fits the company you work for? *

How big is the team you're working in? *

How many years of experience do you have in software engineering? *

Contact Information

You're just two more questions away from the end now. With the following information, we'll send you the beautiful PDF with all the results of this survey right to your door (of your inbox).
What should we call you? Please give your name or alter-ego

What is your e-mail address (so we can send you the report!)

Thank you for your time, your answers were excellent! I particularly loved that you use  {{answer_48158595}} and  {{answer_48159582}}! We'll crunch the numbers soon and will email you a beautifully (subjectively) crafted report! 

In the meantime, please share this survey with others! The more responses the merrier the data analysis!
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