RebelLabs' Java Performance Survey 2015

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We're really happy you can spend ~3 minutes (verified by devs) to tell us about your profiler and performance tools and technologies you use, enjoy and get results from.

For each completed survey, we're donating 50 cents to a charity that provide support dogs for children with disabilities! See? Now you HAVE TO complete it and share with friends! ;-)
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Which best matches the application you work on? *

Who in your organization is responsible for application profiling and performance monitoring? *


How many people are in the team that design, develop, test, and maintain your application? *

If you don't know exactly, please estimate as best you can!
How many different screens/views does your application have? *

We're trying to understand the complexity of your applications. If you don't know exactly, please estimate as best you can!
At what stage do you perform profiling and performance tuning on your applications? *


Which tools do you use for application profiling? *


When you find an issue, how long does it take, in days, to diagnose, fix and test on average? *

Give an your best estimate in days
How do you most commonly find performance issues in your application? *

Only select those you use most often

How many performance related bugs do you find in a typical application release? *

What kind of issue symptom do you see most frequently? *

What are the typical root causes you most often experience *

Do your performance issues tend to affect users in production? *

Who fixes the performance problems? *

How often do you profile your code? *

What do you measure? *

How much of an impact did your profiling/performance testing make? *

The performance of your app after testing and fixing was...

How long is your typical application release? *

How much time, per release, do you spend on profiling and performance monitoring *

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